Friday, September 27, 2013

The Comic Pusher Weekend Roundup for September 27

Here's what's been happening over the past fortnight:

Here on The Comic Pusher, I examined Steranko's seminal S.H.I.E.L.D. run, and I posted my advance review of Ellen Lindner's The Black Feather Falls #1.

In last week's Wednesday Review, I wrote about Ales Kot and Michael Walsh's Zero #1 (good), Bendis and Oeming's Powers: Bureau 7 (best issue of Powers in years), and Waid and Samnee's startlingly dreadful Daredevil 31. This Wednesday I reviewed the phenomenal Sex Criminals 1 by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky, and also briefly covered about a baker's dozen of this week's new comics.

Last week marked the return of The Run to The Comic Pusher. As New York City lurches toward its first new mayor since 2001, what better time to examine Brian K. Vaughan's political NYC sci-fi masterpiece Ex Machina! The first part of my Ex Machina review series is here. The next part goes up Sunday, with new installments each weekend through the election.

On twitter, I groused about the plagiarist Roy Lichtenstein, lamented the whiteness of the S.H.I.E.L.D. teevee show, geeked out over seeing Rafael Grampa on that selfsame teevee, and marveled over the actual not-just-Captain-Haddock-swearword existence of Bashi-bazouks.

And finally, introducing The Full Index of All Comic Pusher Reviews. Sorted alphabetically, with creator info, publisher, publication date and review date, for easy reference.

Comics News and Notes

There is a Waling Dead teevee spinoff coming; Tom Spurgeon covers SPX as only he can; on the Hooded Utilitarian, Osvaldo Oyola takes a really interesting look at Killing Joke; on CBR, Brian Hibbs goes over the maths of the unsold (the scourge of the direct market); and BatDad wins parenthood.

Via tumblr, here is a stunning lost Ray Bradbury/Mike Mignola comic from NBM in 1993; on Comics Alliance, Andrew Wheeler goes over the ceaseless clusterfuckery at DC; Rick Geary's got a Kickstarter; and here's a pretty cool article on writer Kelly Sue Deconnick

And #FollowFriday, Todd Klein's wonderful blog. (LETTERING MATTERS.)

Tomato Can Blues
Not Comics

Lot's of folks have been linking to Mary Pilon's article from The New York Times, Tomato Can Blues. The article, about a cage fighter who fakes his death, is quite good. Making it better are the interactive comic illustrations by Attila Futaki that pop up as you scroll down the article. This is the latest in a series of long-form, interactive multimedia journalism from The Times inspired by their Pulitzer Prize winning interactive presentation, Snow Fall - I would also recommend last month's The Jockey.

And finally, how far away are the twin Voyager spacecraft? Exactly this far.

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